Do you really show your expressions of appreciations to your partner?

“Let’s not forget, being emotional is a human nature where he wants to feel appreciated.”

The same goes for our relationships! I have seen many couples who tend to express more of what they dislike about their partner than what they like. Unfortunately, this is a way to make the relationship go wrong. Just try appreciating your partner, you will definitely see a lot of changes in your relationship and can greatly improve your relationship.

You may have thus far directed your attention towards something which has been done poorly while paying little attention to what he/she really does well. This happens because we want people to behave as per our wishes and think that it is quite normal and logical. This is a big mistake. It’s not a rocket science that everyone loves praises, don’t you? Appreciate your partner’s work and make him/her emotionally stronger.

Important Relationship

How would you feel if someone criticizes you constantly? Certainly, you will have the feeling that everything you do is wrong and consequently you may end up feeling depressed and resented. Keep it in mind that your partner not just does things which you consider wrong, but also the things you love. Think from this angle, your spouse can be right, intelligent, creative, funny, and logical! If you intend to observe all these things, you will find that your partner has many more positive qualities than negatives. Both of you are going to feel happier with the relationship getting stronger day by day just by taking such small steps.

Expressing appreciations will benefit you as well

Showing your appreciation to your partner will not only benefit them, but it also makes you feel happy and better.  Displaying positive feelings towards others in an honest and sincere way always brings in positivity. In fact, you can greatly improve your mood just by saying thanks to even a small favor and tell him/her how wonderful he/she is. The same applies to your other family members including children.

Positive criticism

What happens when your partner does something that you think is wrong and you feel the urge to correct or point that out? In that case, start by analyzing the situation from a wider perspective and look out for something positive there.