Cuba for Americans- Need to know

Cuba is an extraordinary country which is rich in culture and history. Traveling to Cuba can be complicated especially if you are an American because of the recent conversation or one can say business as well as political developments between America and Cuba.

You will be surprised to know that it is illegal for Americans to travel to Cuba for tourism. It is not like that you can grab an NYC to DC bus and travel. You should have the purpose which comes under the list of approved categories from the US government to visit Cuba. There are twelve predetermined reasons by the US government through which you can go to Cuba. So, you have to pick one reason to visit Cuba. It is just as simple as a book a flight to Cuba after this, book a hotel or accommodation.

The process for a visa is very simple. Normally, when you apply for a visa for a different country, you have to relative passes to get approved but that is not the case for Cuba. For Cuba, The visa process is quite painless, you don’t have to wait months to be approved, what you have to do it is just simply purchase the visa online and have it sent within a day or you can have visa overnight to you. So, the visa process is very simple, only if you fall into the pre-decided list of reasons for traveling.

Hotels are extremely expensive in Cuba. So, book a hotel online after booking a flight. It makes your traveling easy and more comfortable. Airline tickets or booking of flight will be directly purchased from the airlines or you can book a flight online through any website from where you want to book a ticket just sitting at your home.

Next is money, if you have credit cards or ATM cards then remember these are not accepted in Cuba. So, make sure you take enough cash lasts for your entire trip. The US dollar is actually cut 10% while converting to Cuba’s currency. So it is better to take either Euros or Canadian dollar for exchange. Just keep it in mind that the big problem for Americans have is there run out of money while in Cuba and it is impossible to get anymore. So, just be careful, take a little bit of extra money, you think you might need there.

Cuba has two different currencies which are a little confusing. One currency is equivalent to twenty-six times than that of another. So, it becomes confusing. The best way to keep track of that is one currency has monuments on it and another has people on it. So, if you pay with monuments, make sure that you get monuments back.

Cab prizes in Cuba are negotiable. If you want to travel from one city to another and so on then it is better to take a bus. Booking an NYC to DC bus as you just have to go online and book it directly from the website. However when it comes to Cuba, one has to follow a long list of directives to carry out the task. So stay aware of all terms and conditions to avoid any problems in traveling.