Cloud 9: A floating bar in Fiji

Heavenly. There is no other word to describe this new floating bar in the heart of Fiji. We all dream of it, of this little glass of mojito on a hammock, in the sun, after diving in the Pacific to cool off. Cloud 9 made this fantasy possible.

Change of scenery assured. Located not far from Viti Levu Island, the main island of Fiji, this bar literally floats on the clear waters of the Pacific. Composed of two levels, it is arranged to accommodate 100 people. Everything is done for the comfort of the guests: hammocks, mattresses, deckchairs, and armchairs are installed on all the platform. It is possible to lie in the shade to enjoy the freshness of the sea air or tan in the sun upstairs. The bar offers countless cocktails including island specialties. But the bar does not just sell drinks: Cloud 9 also serves as a pizzeria (homemade, of course, pizzas)! And there is something for everyone: vegetarians and other people on a restrictive diet do not have to worry about it.

On the contrary, for Cloud 9, eating and drinking are restrictive. That’s why the floating bar offers many other activities such as surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving or even parasailing! What to bring down (or get out) alcohol before ingestion. For partygoers, the floating bar organizes evenings with DJs. And for the great romantics, it is even possible to get married on board! It makes you dream.

To get there, it will take 45 minutes by boat from Port Denarau. But if impatience seizes you, it is always possible to take the speedboat, which will take you to the destination in 10 minutes, neither more nor less. It’s up to you to play, lift some cushions off the couch, search your pockets for a little money, and run to buy your plane ticket. Visit Fiji Tourism for more details: