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Hood Close, Wickford, Essex County- 25th January 2018 – UK Regalia is the manufacturers and suppliers of quality masonic regalia items like Craft Provincial Apron Badges, Masonic Regalia Cases, Masonic Collar Jewels.

As you know that, giving masonic gifts is not uncommon, but is a standard practice actually which is done during occasions. It isn’t just a symbol of generosity. It is also a sign of one’s appreciation for those who believe in the same principles that one believes in, an uncommon find in this ever-changing world.

Masonic items often come in the form of jewelry. These masonic antiques like jewels or Masonic Cufflinks can be sent to another Mason as a present. There are some books as well as other heirlooms that older Masons might have used in the past. The complete idea here is to pass on one’s legacy to another. That legacy is something which makes the Masonic gift even more worth and valuable.

There are a variety of handmade men’s Masonic gifts like Masonic Breast Jewel, cufflinks, badges etc. which you can choose. Most of them available on the official website of UK Regalia. Some involve glass etching or woodwork done on the products which could serve as a home decoration item. As for the others, they’re more practical uses. You’ve Scotch glasses, jewelry boxes, and so much more, every piece of them carrying Masonic symbols.

Charity is one of the best and most treasured values of the Freemasonry. It is the gift that one mason can actually bestow to another member. Consider donating to one of the several causes and putting under the title of that brother you’re hoping to show appreciation to. It doesn’t just send the message across but reinforces the importance of helping others as well.

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