Mind-Blowing Fashion Tips that Every Indian Girl Should Know

A girl, especially Indian girls, must be aware of fashion. Definitely, every girl owns some fashion tricks but sometimes they look shambolic in words of fashion sense. It is essential to keep a focus on trend plus the style that suits us. We always need expert fashion tips to make ourselves up-to-date.

Today I have covered some tips on fashion that every girl should follow.

Understand your Color Tone

A major aspect of fashion is knowing own self. Keep in mind your skin tone and then select for the colors you wear. For example- if you have a dark skin tone, then don’t go for off-white or other lighter colors as it will make you look more darken. If you are confused with colors, select black. Black is the royal color that suits every skin tone.

Do not Copy

The mistake girls often do is copying other. Whether they try to copy their friends, colleagues or Bollywood actresses, but you need to leave the idea of copying if you want to look unique. As I already said, dress up according to your body and color. Know about your body shape and height and choose accordingly. So create your own style and look unique.

Stay With Nice Hair Cut

Hair is always been important for fashion and will remain a major part of fashion. Whether you keep hair open, make ponytail, bun or braid that does not matter at all. What important is the style that suits you the most. Don’t always stay with the same hairstyle. Try to change your hairstyle with dresses and occasions. Moreover, get a haircut that suits your face. You can consult hair specialist to know which hair cut will suits you the best.

Heel Height Matters

As the title implies, the height of a heel always matter. It depends on the occasion you are wearing or our height. If you love to wear heels in routine, then choose for the style in which you are comfortable. Don’t buy too much long heel regularly. Along with that, take care of your height while selecting the height of heel you are going to buy. If you lean and long, then go for medium sized heel pumps and if you are short, buy long platform heel. I personally prefer to wear small or medium-sized heels that go with every occasion and every dress.

Red pumps always work. If you get confused about what to buy, prefer red pumps as they never go outdated. You can buy beautiful heels at low price at SSS online store. They offer amazing discounts on applying coupons. Use Street Style Store Coupons to get heavy discount on your shopping!

Do not overload makeup and accessories


No doubt, makeup and accessories are important to enhance looks. But do go with dark overloaded makeup. Try to keep a natural look by decent makeup. Moreover, wear limited and attractive accessories and don’t create chaos.

Experiments Work

Experiments are risky but they work. Keep trying different styles and select the one you like the most. If you are afraid to get out with trying something new, then try it inside the room and go out with the style only if you are satisfied.

Don’t Forget Sarees

Whether you are going to a college function, wedding, or kitty party, Sarees always look stunning. If you are confused about what to wear, go for a simple black saree and see you will fire the occasion.

Keep Loose with Tight

Wearing loose tops and ties is the latest fashion whereas tight clothes always look beautiful. So don’t wear only loose or tight, in fact, make a balance of both. You can wear a loose top with tight jeans. Try and you will surely like.

Have Knowledge of Basic Fashion

So now you know how to get a fashionable and attractive look. Moreover, what you need to be aware of is the basic knowledge of fashion. For example, tucking shirts in jeans, wear unshrinking clothes, don’t buy just because you get it cheap; make color combinations and such more.

Take care of these little things and you will see yourself in a better looks.

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