This Generation Need To Relearn – How To Eat

We all know about our heart that it is the size of our fist and it is located inside our chest towards the
left side. We all know about our lungs that they are inside our ribs provide oxygen to the body and
throw out carbon dioxide and smoking can harm them. Fine, good enough.

Now, what do we know about our stomach? Do we know the size or location of our stomach? What did it do
for us? What can harm it? Surprisingly it is as important an organ as our lungs or heart but not many
of us seem to know much about our stomachs.

Have we ever wondered why we pay so little attention to our stomach – Is it because it never attack us
like a heart attack? I think we care so little about our digestive system because any amount of abuse to it
does not lead to our death. I know many people whose stomach are always crying for attention with
acidity, bloating, constipation, burps, farts, nausea etc. We actually share a very abusive relationship
with our stomachs. We eat all the junk in the world and then go on a ‘detox’ holiday and get back to
junk eating after a so-called holiday. Above this, we go on crash diets for weight loss and after the diet
chart we come back to our normal eating routine and gain back the weight almost double.

how  to eat

Why do we do this to ourselves? Do we really hate so much? We live life with good lifestyle then why do
Do we abuse our digestive system?

It is time to decode our relationship with stomach with mutual love and respect:

  1. Loading the stomach when it has no capacity is a crime especially when we eat nothing till
    evening and start loading our stomach for dinner are equivalent to the human rights violation.
  2. Change your eating habits as the sun go down so does our digestion and assimilation ability.
    Stomach ability to digest the food is highest between 7 am to 10 am and lowest after 8 pm. Pick
    your food accordingly.
  3. Turn off our darling TV while we are eating and focus more towards chewing the food properly.
    One should chew for at least 40 seconds per bite.

If you eat at late night time when there are hardly any digestive juices been secreted when stomach
has a minimum power of digestion, when there is no prana (life force) in the stomach and when a mind is
distracted (because of stress or because of our darling TV) how you can expect a food to get digested
properly? Should not you just learn to eat right and at right time? Please do not wait for the right time
as “Now” is the best time to start.