5 ways Day Care Centers Play a Major Role in Building self-reliant Children

As working parents, you obviously cannot pay as much attention to your child’s development as much you would want to. You would desire to be a part of their everyday growth, see them struggle to get up, stumble upon and guide them to do the absolute RIGHT thing. Unable to do so, you would certainly want to leave your bundle of joy in the hands of undoubtedly trusted professionals who would guide them, lift them up, and support their growth – in your absence.

Sri Ram School is not an ordinary day care center; it happens to be the best daycare center that will provide the essential development skill in the most crucial early years of your child in a very nurturing and secure environment.

If you’re confused about why your child needs a daycare centre, we have jotted down a few points that would help you take the best decision for your little one

Assure a secure environment.

Day care centers allow the children to safely explore the world around them which helps them to build confidence, liberty, and sense of worth.

Sri Ram School’s day care centre is full of explorations that encourage the kids to take a practical approach to cognitive learning. There are regularly attention-grabbing items lying around, a spacious place with full of vibrant walls where creativity blooms.

Instills independence.

Anybody who takes care of toddlers  are expected to spend a large part of their day with little children and instilling skills revolving around things that the child should do on their own, using one method or the other with excessive constructive encouragement and motivation. There isn’t any place for “I can’t” in Sri Ram School.

 Children are the decision makers.

When kids make their own decisions and are appreciated for the same, they start to trust themselves a little more. Each day at Sri Ram’s School we make it a point to promote and motivate each child’s personal decision, sometimes guided and sometimes not.

Create a positive environment.

The foundation stone of a happy place and a happy child has always been in a positive environment. Positivity endorses happiness of a child and it is extremely important in day care centers or a place where your child spends most of their day at. The Sri Ram Early Years School makes it a point that your child is in a safe and a happy environment and we ensure that we go out of our way to make it comfortable for both parents and the children,

Makes the child amiable.

It is highly important for children to engage with non-family members In order to gain confidence and be self-dependent. It encourages the child to be empathetic and enjoy friendship. Instilling such values at a young age helps in the social development of the child.

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