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Grains are an important part of a healthy diet and help us in many different ways. They help us in reducing some of the risky chronic diseases as they contain various nutritious ingredients such as B vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Even some of the grains help us reduce the cholesterol levels followed by many other heart diseases. It also helps in curing constipation and bowel function too. These are the major important benefits of food grains for us and this is the reason why our food habits are depended upon grains and they are available in the market for mass consumption.

However, the grains that come in the market are unhealthy at times and the reason is many merchants or traders adulterate them during initial stage due to ill-motives that truly hamper the health aspect of consumers. In order to prevent such grain adulteration, there are various measures taken by the Government of India.


So to ensure the safety, it is important that grains come in the market after being properly checked and tested by experts making sure they come with high quality and risk-free too. During the process of production, several chemical compositions of grain in the form of starch contents are required to check and tested. Even apart from that, the grain should be checked for their protein, sugar and oil contents which are significant. After considering all these aspects of grains, they then must come into the market for consumers.

The economy of India is mainly dependent on agriculture and as a result of it every year several thousand tonnes of grains come up in the market. Some come with high quality and some with low quality and the element of such quality depends on different factors. These factors mainly are growing ill-practices, kinds of harvesting, postharvest handling, storage management, as well as transportation practices.  It is essential for them to take care of all these aspects and this is the reason why grains product testing is very important for bringing out healthy grains in the market.

Today any company trading on grains and supplying to consumers in the market has to get grains tested through a reliable and most reputed, ISO certified laboratory in India. Though there are different laboratories available in the market many of them are not reliable as they do not have the experts to take care of the testing services. It is equally significant that experts engaged in testing process should have professional expertise and experience.

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