Loudoun Montessori School Celebrates Their Grand Opening

Loudoun Montessori School is opening its doors to the community with a Grand Opening Celebration on Thursday, August 11 starting with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 4:30 pm followed by an Open House where their beautiful brand new Montessori school with its handcrafted furniture and materials is open for touring. Loudoun Economic Development Business Retention Manager, Chris Hunter, and Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Tony Howard, will be in attendance to cut the ribbon.

“Loudoun County is thrilled to have the addition of Loudoun Montessori to our county’s businesses,” Tony Howard said. “We couldn’t be happier to see a community business that focusses on children and families. We are pleased that Loudoun Montessori School decided to establish their business in Ashburn, Virginia, an area of Loudoun County filled with growing families!”

Ms. Renu Mohan and Ms. Aida Villar are co-owners of Loudoun Montessori and both have extensive backgrounds in Montessori education including certifications from the Northern Virginia Montessori Institute. School Director Ms. Renu Mohan, has over 15 years of experience as a lead Montessori teacher. Lead teacher, Ms. Aida Villar, has over 10 years of teaching experience as a daycare owner, Spanish teacher and art teacher. Ms. Mohan is not only a Montessori educator but a Montessori mom as well “As a Montessori parent myself, my experience helps not only the children but the parents as well in the transition to Montessori schooling,” Ms. Mohan said. “I am excited to combine my roles as a mother and teacher to help immerse new students into Montessori education that I know and love.”

The Montessori educational philosophy is a popular and much sought after alternative to traditional pre-school and elementary school education throughout the world. Founded by Maria Montessori, the school relies heavily on hands-on activities and student independence beginning at an early age.

Loudoun Montessori prides itself on programs tailor-made for all needs. These programs focus on six different categories, essential for child development that include, the practical life, sensorial materials, language, mathematics, science, and history and geography. “I am thrilled to open Loudoun’s newest Montessori school with my business partner, Ms. Renu Mohan, and can’t wait to share my passion and knowledge for the Montessori educational philosophy with the next generation of Loudoun’s students!” Ms. Aida Villar said.

Loudoun Montessori promises to be an asset to the community by offering not only private Montessori schooling, but STEM-based after-school programs and summer camps as well. More information can also be found on their website, www.loudounmontessori.com. If you would like additional information on Loudoun

Montessori, or to schedule a meeting with their co-owners for an interview please feel free to contact, Elysa Leonard at 571-426-5145 or email, elysa@splashmarcom.com.