Happy Birthday Salman Khan:The ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ Star’s Top Foodie Secrets

Actor Salman Khan would be ringing in his 52nd Birthday today and with the thunderous response he has been garnering for his part in ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ we are sure it is indeed a ‘Happy Birthday’ for the much loved  superstar of Bollywood. Having ruled the screens and hearts for over 30 years now, megastar Salman Khan is admired immensely for his fit and toned body. The actor might be turning 52, but his perfectly toned abs tell a different story. Not just himself, Salman Khan has been a driving force behind making actor Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Daisy Shah fitter and fab too.  Fit as a fiddle at 52 and with looks to kill, one might assume that Salman never even touches the indulgent and decadent treats. Here’s a little trivia for all those mistaken souls. Turns out that the Bhai of Bollywood is quite a foodie and has his spells of indulgence whenever he can. He of course moderates it with regular exercise and sticking to his specially charted diet most of the times.

Salman is an absolute mama’s boy when it comes to his food preferences.  Salman favourite foods are the yellow dal prepared by his mother. Rajma, chawal and roti, are other gems of his ‘ghar ka khana’ that he absolutely adores. Salman also loves the Biryani cooked by his mother. Apart from his mothers’, Salman loves the Biryani at Cafe Noorani at Haji Ali (Mumbai). Did you know? Salman, reportedly, flew his own cook to London from Mumbai to dish up biryani to the cast and crew of the movie London Dreams who were tired of eating continental food.
Apart from Indian, Salman enjoys Italian food a lot. While he doesn’t go out much when in India for the risk of being mobbed, he does go out a lot when in abroad.

One of Salman’s biggest highlight of the day is coming back home and having dinner with his family in Mumbai. The Khan Khandaan seems to love their gatherings over lavish meals.  This Diwali they all gathered together and spent lovely time together over a heart Diwali lunch.

Here we can see the goofy uncle in Salman having a great time with nephew Ahil over breakfast

As far as Salman’s diet is concerned, for breakfast, he eats four egg whites and some low-fat milk. Pre-workout, he has a protein shake, and two egg whites. Post workout, it is a protein bar, oats, almonds and three egg-whites. His lunch is largely meat, and includes mutton, fried fish, salad and lots of fruit. Dinner could be anything – chicken, fish, vegetables, or soup.

Here’s wishing Salman a Happy Birthday and many congratulations for the success of Tiger Zinda hai!